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Why ASN?


Our deepest purpose is to offer outstanding nutraceuticals that exceed quality standards. We vigorously search the planet to discover the finest quality raw materials and exceptional finished products. We develop the best innovative homeopathic medicines in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety.


We are passionate about nutrition. Each person has a unique genetic makeup along with internal and external factors that determine their state of health and overall well-being. We believe proper nutrition is the first step to proper physiological functioning of the body. We offer exceptional nutrition products that restore and maintain proper body function


We believe green medicine is the future of health. It focuses on the whole person and the connection between the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual bodies. It benefits humankind by integrating the best medical practices and transcends conventional medicine by balancing science driven evaluation with empirical evidence for a more qualitative approach to optimal health and healing.

Allergy Mix products are inspired by nature, deep-rooted in tradition and developed to provide an alternative to conventional allergy medications that suppress symptoms and commonly cause unwanted side effects.

Each local “mix” is made from the most prevalent allergens in that region. Trees, weeds, and grasses vary geographically. A person may be allergic to pollens in one region but not another. Allergy Mix delivers safe, natural and effective treatment for allergy sufferers where they live.



The Simplicity of Homeopathic Medicine

In The Beginning, There Was Pain...      For years I had been suffering leg cramps during the night, leading to long, sleepy, restless, and sometimes grouchy days. I was an elementary school teacher [...]