Seigen is an easy-to-take, natural health-enhancing product manufactured in Japan.  This true post-biotic is the result of more than 70 years of intensive research and development and is manufactured by means of an elaborate scientific technology known as Biofermetics – an advanced symbiotic culturing process.  The resulting beneficial metabolites are important activators of absorption, detoxification, and metabolism, enabling users to restore proper overall gut health, maintain high levels of beneficial bacteria in their digestive tract, and simultaneously suppress harmful bacteria.  When ingested, Seigen quickly provides these highly beneficial metabolites, more commonly now known as post-biotics, to the digestive system.  This unique natural supplement also strengthens the immune system, enabling it to more effectively deal with foreign microbes.  In addition, by promoting an optimal state of health, there are anti-aging benefits from continued use of Seigen.  For example, many of the (now) elderly Japanese scientists who researched the bio-fermentic extracts found in Seigen are regular users.